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How do I know that my online application went through?
Once you submit your project to a festival by clicking at the bottom of the Apply Page, you will see an explicit Confirmation Page with a Tracking Number. A copy of this confirmation is also immediately sent to you in e-mail.

The confirmation letter explains exactly what Withoutabox has already taken care of, and what you still need to do in order to make your entry complete -- such as mailing in supporting materials. As the System grows, Withoutabox is able to take care of more and more, and so you will need to do less and less.

Still not sure if you applied?
Things went haywire and you got lost?
Didn't get an e-mail confirming your submission?
Didn't get a tracking number or maybe you lost it?
Need to see those submission instructions again?
Decided to pay by credit card instead of by check?
Want to see the latest status of your submission?
Wondering when a festival is planning to notify you?

IT IS NOT IMPORTANT TO RECEIVE THE CONFIRMATION IN YOUR E-MAIL. If for some reason that e-mail is lost or does not arrive immediately, you can always recall any confirmation by logging into your account and clicking the Submission Status tab in the left-side navigation. From there you'll find links to your Confirmation Pages for every submission you've ever made through the System.

You may complete credit card transactions through the confirmation page at any time. If you have not yet paid submission fees, just click the "Save Time and Pay Entry Fees Online!" link in the middle of the page, and you will be taken to your shopping cart to check out with that festival's fee. You will also have the option of selecting the "PAY NOW" link from the right side of your Submission Status section.

NOTE: Confirmation pages are both interactive and dynamic. They change with input to the System, from both you and from festivals. Among other things, this means you will not be allowed to pay twice for any festival.


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