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My submission is not tracked received
Festivals often let submissions pile up before they track them in. Many festivals are working with a part-time staff, and volunteers to keep cost down in the office, allocating the funds for the event. We suggest giving them a few more days, and if the submission status has not been updated, try and contact them directly. You can access their contact information from the "Submission Status" section of your account, by selecting their active name link.

In the event that the submission is not tracked received and you paid your fee online, get back in touch with us, and we will issue a refund back to your credit card. If you do not have Submission Protection on this application, there will be a five dollar transaction reversal charge.

If you sent a Secure Online Screener, be sure that your screener is in fact attached to your submission. The submission status section of your account will display, "Rec'd via Withoutabox" under Submission Copy when your Secure Online Screener IS attached.
If your file is NOT attached, there will be an action link displayed under "Submission Copy".


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