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My card is being declined and I cannot pay my submission fee
Try the following and if none of this works please get in touch with us. Also note that if you receive an error message you should give it at least 10 minutes before you try again, this is the systems way of protecting credit card holders of fraud.

1. Retype in all information on the credit card page in the shopping cart. (The system may be defaulting to incorrect information that you had previously entered)

2. Be sure the correct credit card type is selected from the drop down menu

3. Be sure the correct expiration date is selected

4. Be sure that the card holders name is typed in exactly how it appears on the card.

5. be sure that you are not entering dashes or spaces in between the credit card numbers

6. Be sure that the billing address entered is the exact address that appears on your credit card statement and is the address where the credit card statement is received. If you have a long street address with an apartment number put apartment number on address line two. If there are letters in your postal code, be sure to use upper case letters and no spaces.

7. Do NOT use your browser back or forward buttons, do NOT open sections of Withoutabox in multiple tabs or windows. If you have done this, please log out of your account, and log back in with a fresh browser.

***If you are still not able to process your transaction, it may be the result of a bank block for internet purchases to the United States. This would require a call to your card issuing bank.


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