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How do I delete my Secure Online Screener
If your file is not locked, then you will have a delete option displayed to the right of your file in the My Videos section of your account. We cannot delete your locked file. Once the uploaded Online Secure Screener is submitted to a festival, you will not be able to delete that copy or replace the copy associated to the submission.

You can upload additional copies for FUTURE submissions, but festivals that have the original upload will NOT have access to any additional uploads.

Your file will not be attached to your submission until you manually attach the file from the submission confirmation page, after you have paid the $2.95 screener fee. Once the fee is paid a pull down is displayed on the confirmation page, allowing you to pick the intended file.

We suggest going in through the Update link on the my video page to rename the old upload. This will help insure that the intended file is submitted.

To edit the existing file name:
-Select the "My Videos" link to the right of "Add Video Free on IMDb", below your project title under "Promote this title on IMDb"
-Select the "Update" link to the right of your upload title
-Be sure to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished

To upload a new copy, select the upload link directly under your project title. Scroll down the page and select the "Upload Online Screener" button.

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT submit your Secure Online Screener to a festival until you have watched the upload in its entirety. To view your Secure Online Screener, select the "view" link directly below your project title. Once in the project form, select the "Full Movies" link, and then click on your video.


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