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How does the festival get my Secure Online Screener
You will have the opportunity to select your uploaded file from a pull down menu on your Submission Details page. Once you pay the screener charge, it will automatically be attached to your submission.

If you do not have an existing file at the time you make your submission, you will need to upload your file. Your file will not be attached to your submission until you manually attach the file from the submission confirmation page, after you have paid the $2.95 screener fee. Once the fee is paid, a pull down is displayed on the confirmation page that allows you to pick the intended file.

*Please note that your FIRST screener submission is FREE, but you will still need to follow the steps below. The first screener will appear in the cart as a credit, and will require you to hit the check out button to process the screener so that you can attach it.

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT attach your Secure Online Screener to your submission until you have watched the upload in its entirety.

To view your Secure Online Screener, select the "view" link directly below your project title. Once in the project form, select the "Full Movies" link, and then click on your video.

To attach your screener to your submission:
1. Select "Submission Status" from the left-side navigation
2. Select the the PAY NOW link under "Submission Copy" (If you already paid the fee, select the "view confirmation" link and follow step 4)
3. Select the check out button. Once payment is recorded, the page will refresh showing transaction successful.
4.Scroll down the confirmation page and select the screener copy from the pull down and hit save.


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