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Can I change something in a submission that I already made?
While you cannot retract or delete a submission once you click "Submit," one of the benefits of the System is that it produces a "living submission" instead of "dead mail." That means even after you submit, there's the opportunity to update your contents. You can modify the entry information that a festival views, in many cases right up until the festival's final decisions are made -- and beyond.

Withoutabox does not actually send copies of your electronic entry form to festivals when you apply, rather we provide them with immediate, confidential access to view your "one copy" on our secure servers. As you make changes to this master form, the festival can immediately see those changes.

This is particularly useful when adding screenings, awards, and distribution information, or when modifying contact information -- such as Submission Contact, Print Return, or Publicist.

BUT BEWARE, many festivals with in-house database systems do download a one-time version of your information at sometime during their Call for Entries period. In these cases, the festivals still have full access to your online version, but it is unlikely that they will refer back to it before making their decisions.

If you think a change to your form is critical for a festival to consider - and if the festival has already received your preview tape - contact the festival directly.


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