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How can I tell whether a festival has received my Preview Screener by mail?
When a festival receives your Preview Screener, a match is made in the System and your submission is usually considered complete at that time. In this case - when all submission requirements are met - the festival will mark the submission as "IN CONSIDERATION," which displays with a Green Dot. You can view the status of all online submissions by clicking the Submission Status tab on your left-side navigation.

In some cases, a festival will mark a submission as "NOT YET IN CONSIDERATION," which displays with a Yellow Dot. The festival may do this while waiting for your payment to clear, or maybe because they are missing some materials from you. If your submission is marked with a Yellow Dot for more than two weeks, it's a good idea to contact the festival directly and ask why your submission is not yet in consideration.

If your Peview Screener has not yet been received, the submission will be marked with a Red Dot. How long should you wait before contacting a festival that has not marked your film as received? It's up to you. Know this: Festivals often let submissions pile up for several weeks or a month before checking in materials they receive by mail. Expect delays, certainly don't panic, but contact the festival after a while if you are concerned.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to 2004, many festivals did not use the Tracking Tool to log in your entries when they were received. This practice was optional. That means if you have a submission from 2003 or before, and if the submission status still appears RED, then the submission was probably still received by the festival - and fully considered - but simply not tracked as such in the System.


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