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I am a filmmaker or a film submitter. How do I get started using the System?
STEP 1: Get a username and password immediately sent to your e-mail address by using the Filmmaker Signup Page.
STEP 2: Login and setup your project in our system, by filling out one master entry form and an Online Press Kit.
STEP 3: From your Start Page, click on one of our Partner Festivals with a live Call For Entries. A few clicks later -- you're done.
STEP 4: Next time you come back, start at STEP 3.

It's a very quick process to enroll at Withoutabox, setup a project, and begin submitting to festivals online. Give yourself about 30 minutes to get set up from start to finish, and a bit more if you plan to use the Online Press Kit service, too.

Withoutabox is a self-service System. Our excellent support team is here to help you to help yourself. Please read instructions carefully, and before contacting us, check our detailed and searchable Help Files to most quickly troubleshoot problems.


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