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If Withoutabox is such an amazing deal for filmmakers and festivals, then how can the Company afford to operate?
Withoutabox depends on BROAD PARTICIPATION and SELF-SERVICE. The Company has designed a unique exchange System that benefits all sides and puts the power and economy of numbers into the hands of individual festivals and individual filmmakers.

Withoutabox is like an eco-system in the way it conserves information and resources. All festivals and filmmakers therefore benefit from the participation and good word-of-mouth of all other festivals and filmmakers.

Withoutabox does not generally solicit festivals or advertise to filmmakers - so income generated by the System does not get wasted on marketing. Instead, revenue gets directly reinvested into further developing the System for "ease of use" and into providing attentive customer service when necessary.

Withoutabox does not operate expensive corporate offices. It is an efficient, distributed Company with low overhead, allowing representatives to work in shared spaces and home offices as far apart as Los Angeles, New York and Germany around the clock. The Company is fiscally conservative with strict financial oversight and a solid operating history since the year 2000.


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