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What Internet browsers and versions work best with your system?
The withoutabox.com website is developed using the latest technologies to offer the maximum features and stability for our users. Because web browsers can vary widely in how they interpret programming code, we cannot always control the exact look and behavior every user will experience at our site.

The System works perfectly well with most newer browsers on any operating system - including Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.

The best way to see which browsers are currently recommended and supported is to go to the Filmmaker Signup Page. There, in the "Browser" pulldown, you will see compatibility notes, which are updated regularly.

Problems with earlier versions AOL and Netscape have been reported, so we suggest that you upgrade your browser if you can. It's free. If for some reason you cannot let go of your older browser and need some special assistance, contact us via our Online Support Form. We'll do our best to help.


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