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What exactly is a Press Kit and do I need one?
The vast majority of film festivals request or require a supplemental package of publicity material to be submitted with your entry form. Traditionally, filmmakers "mass produce" paper press kits for this purpose or create "one-offs" as necessary. They were often presented in a stylish folder to keep materials together.

Though sometimes considered during the festival pre-selection process, most press kits are never looked at until a film is actually accepted for screening at the festival. Still, festivals request press kits from all applicants to avoid the impossible difficulty of tracking down all this material later in their process. As the festival date rapidly approaches, graphic designers need this information to create websites, printed catalogs, posters, and advertisements.

The most common press kit contents requested by festivals are listed here. They are explained in greater detail as you create your Withoutabox Online Press Kit step-by-step.
- Production Still Photos
- One-Sheet Artwork
- Statement of the Director
- News & Reviews - Production Notes and Anecdotes
- Resumes for Cast&Crew, including Biography, Filmography, and Photos


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