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How do I know that festivals are just as happy to get an Online Press Kit? What if they want paper?
Festivals encourage the Online Press Kit format, and it is one of the key reasons they partner with Withoutabox to handle their submissions. Here are some of the advantages for festivals:
Paper production stills and resume photos must be digitally scanned before graphic designers can paste them into festival catalogs, websites, or advertising. Digital production stills and resume photos are ready and waiting in the precise formats needed by graphic designers. Online Press KIts save festivals time — and time is money.
Only one festival judge, staffer, or designer can look at your paper or CD-ROM press kit at one time. It must be either passed around or re-copied. Online Press Kits are available to everyone at a festival with security access to your submission, simultaneously, and from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
Retyping names, synopses, and biographical information leads to typos that later appear in print. With cut-and-paste, Online Press Kits eliminate embarrassing typos. Information comes directly from the filmmaker unmediated.
Clutter, clutter, clutter. Festival offices are piled high with large dog-eared envelopes spilling their contents onto the floor, stuffed in crates, and filed in cabinets. Withoutabox Online Press Kits are always "fresh copies" available at the festival's fingertips, conveniently bundled with ther rest of your online submission.


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