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How important is it to upload high quality photo images with my Online Press Kit? Can I just grab video clips or use stuff I shot with my digital still camera?
Uploading high quality, high resolution images is the most important apect of your Online Press Kit. If the images you upload are "screen quality" rather than "print quality" they will not be as suitable for publication in festival catalogs. That means festivals will need to contact you (often in a pinch) to get a higher resolution image. In order for Online Press Kits to work efficiently for everyone, please do your part to prepare and upload images of suitable quality.

Images taken from digital cameras (video and still) look great on screen, but may not print well - except for medium and high-end video still cameras (usually 3 megapixel or better), when set for high quality. If you are unsure, the best practice is still to scan actual print photos taken on the set of a film, as the professionals do.


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