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I registered and got my password, and now I want to apply to festivals. What do I do next?
TO GET SET UP: - Login at www.withoutabox.com/login
- Enter your username and password.
NOTE: If you forgot your password you can ask the system to reset yours and send you a new one by looking for the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. If you have trouble logging in, view Help Files in the "Getting Started / Troubleshooting" section.
- In order to click-apply to Partner Festivals, you must first create a Project and fill out the one-time, online form. Click the CREATE PROJECT link under YOUR PROJECTS, which can be found toward the bottom of your Account Home page. Take your time (maybe 30 minutes) and read all instructions carefully. You only have to do this once - although you can and should return to modify your information any time there is a change or addition to be made.
- Create an Online Press Kit (optional, but FREE). This may also take some time, but only needs to be done once.
AFTER SETTING UP: - Go to the Quick Apply menu on your Account Home page, or click the Apply To A festival tab in your left-side navigation. Choose the festival to which you want to apply.
- Once on the festival listing page, choose a Category of Entry to which you want to apply.
- Find the green tab in every category that says "Click Here To Apply" or yellow tabs that will also let you apply under special circumstances.
- Follow the prompts as your film goes through the Qualify Engine, the Apply Page, The Shopping Cart (in the case of entry fees), and the Confirmation Page. If you don't get a tracking number, you have not applied.


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