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How do I change the main e-mail (username) on my account? Will it change all of my Submission Contacts, too?
You login to Withoutabox with a Username that is also an e-mail address where you receive notifications from us. This further serves as the primary Submission Contact for all your online submissions. When you change this address in one place, all instances of it get updated.

If your e-mail changes, it's easy to update it yourself on the System. Click the Preferences tab in your left-side navigation and follow the prompts for Change Username. (After you enter a new e-mail address with your valid password, an e-mail message will be sent to the new address. Just follow the link in that e-mail to confirm your Username change.)

If your physical address is changing, too, don't forget to update your Project forms so that all of the information in the System is current and you are reachable by festivals.


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