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Something is incorrect in one of your festival listings? How can I report the error and get it fixed?
Festivals enter all the information in their listings, and they alone are responsible for keeping it accurate and updated. Withoutabox does not do it. The best way to get an error fixed is to bring it to the attention of the festival directly.

Errors can be in the form of obvious misinformation, outdated information, incomplete information, or a discrpancy between the information on Withoutabox and the information in the festival's other publications - such as their own Website. Since we do not ourselves know what the correct information is, there is nothing we can do but forward your findings onto the festival. Instead, you may as well do it directly, using the contact info provided in the listing (assuming THAT is not the error). If you e-mail the festival, feel free to "cc" support@withoutabox.com so that we are aware of the situation and can monitor it.


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