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I want you to stop sending me e-mail. What should I do?
We do not want to send anyone e-mail that does not want to receive it - and we do not share your e-mail address with others. All users have excellent control over setting their own e-mail preferences by e-mail type. New e-mail types are added from time-to-time, but very infrequently.

Access your e-mail preferences via the Preferences tab in your left-side navigation. Settings default to "WAB Discretion," meaning we will use our own judgement when to send you mail. Most users are satisfied with this setting, because we are already judicious about our mass mailings.

The lowest available option is "Almost Never." There is no option available for "Never." It is sometimes necessary for Withoutabox to be able to reach users. We also feel that if you registered, and if you are using the resources of our site, whether free or paid, we have the right to reach you at least "Almost Never" with matters that we consider of highest importance regarding the site. Those who select "Almost Never," for example, may not have received an e-mail of that type for the past year or two.

If you want to be 100% sure not receive any e-mails in the future, you need to CLOSE your account entirely. To CLOSE your account, just send an e-mail to support@withoutabox.com making that request. We usually are able to process this within 48 hours. After this, you will no longer be able to login, and your e-mail address will be blocked from future use.


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