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I applied to a festival, and I sent in my submission, but I have not heard anything. How do I know if I was accepted or rejected? Do all festivals notify?
Each festival is responsible for notifying you directly of acceptance or rejection, using the Submission Contact information in your master entry form. Make sure this information is always up to date. Some festivals send e-mail, some send letters, some make phone calls - and some only notify of acceptances.

When wondering about the fate of an application you made, start by clicking the Submission Status tab in your left-side navigation and locate the submission in question. Here you will be able to see when the festival received your Preview Screener as well as an approximate notification date (also available in the festival's listing, beneath their Deadlines and Fees).

If you sent in a submission that is NOT showing as received, or if the notification date has passed by more than a couple weeks, you might want to contact that festival directly to ask what's up.

You will find that some festivals are more organized than others and that the degree of organization does not necessarily correspond to their size or reputation. But if a festival takes your entry fee, don't feel shy about keeping them accountable to you. Withoutabox helps you track submissions for just this reason.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to 2004, many festivals did not use the Tracking Tool to log in your entries when they were received. This practice was optional. That means if you have a submission from 2003 or before, and if the submission status still appears RED, then the submission was probably still received by the festival - and fully considered - but simply not tracked as such in the System.


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