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I used to get e-mails from you, and now I don't anymore. What is the problem?
If your e-mail address is correct and updated, and your e-mail preferences are showing either AT WAB DISCRETION or REGULARLY, then you should be getting our e-mails. In a vast majority of these cases, we are sending you e-mails as requested, but they are getting intercepted by filters on your end. Check for any "junk filters" that may be enabled on your mail program, even if you did not enable them yourself. Also, it could be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has confused Withoutabox mail for SPAM and is not sending it through to your account. Maybe you even get individual receipts and confirmations from us, but not Festival Update "mass mailings."

Withoutabox NEVER spams. We send you the mail you ask for, and only when you ask for it. All of this gets recorded in our logs each and every time we send mail. But if your mail is not getting through to you, there is unfortunately not much we can do to help you solve it.

In the meantime, it is good practice to login to your account regularly to see what's going on. Festival Update e-mails are only a small part of the picture.


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