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My WAB title was removed from IMDb! What do I do?

Films submitted to festivals via Withoutabox are accepted by IMDb, but still need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements to remain listed on the site. These requirements dictate that the film must eventually be screened/released i.e. a regular screening at public event. If the film has not been completed/released after a reasonable amount of time, it can be removed until IMDb can verify that the film continues to fulfill their eligibility requirements. You will need to submit a new title page request using this link:

We would suggest listing the old title url in the miscellaneous link section with a comment, "originally invited by WAB". However, please keep in mind that the title will not be approved unless your film now meets IMDb's title requirements.

What kind of titles/films are eligible for addition? And what kind of proof is required? There are some basic rules. For a work to be eligible for inclusion in the database it

* must be of general public interest and * should be available to the public or have been available in the past.

It does not have to be a feature film. We accept many kinds of titles:

* features
* documentaries
* experimental films
* short films, but for the time being no commercials and video clips (these go to the biographical section under 'other works')
* films made for the big screen, TV, video and (to some extent) the internet
* TV series and mini series and all their episodes
* video games

General public interest is assumed if a work

* has been released to cinemas (not just a premiere but a regular engagement)
* has been shown on non local TV
* has been downloaded in 'large' numbers from some website(s)
* has been (widely) released on video or prints have been made available to the public
* is listed in the catalog of an established video retailer (e.g.,
* has been accepted and shown on film festivals that don't accept everything independent of its quality (if you have doubts about a festival, see this guide for details)
* has been made by a (now) famous artist or person of public interest.
* has become famous for some reason and is widely talked about/referenced in non local media or the 'film community' or is now of general historic interest for some reason.
* is listed in a database, document or publication compiled and offered by some official entity such as a film archive, a governmental organization/branch or some reputable author or/publisher.
To prove general public interest in above cases you have to submit evidence together with the data for your film. Admissible kinds of evidence are

* Internet URLs (links) (e.g. http:...) pointing to data supporting the claim of evidence.
* Evidence faxed to us or sent with postal mail.

We strongly prefer to get online evidence via URLs and accept fax/hardcopy evidence only if online evidence is really not available. Keep in mind that you can put evidence online yourself by scanning/creating documents and putting them on your or someone else's home page, if you have (access to) one. Typical types of useful links are:

* Theatrical release: Reviews, studio sites, news sites, schedule listings, etc.
* Non local TV release: Links to the film on TV schedules on sites for TV channels and chains
* Downloads from websites: Link to film at website and to download numbers/statistics
* Release on video: Links to the film offered for purchase by online stores
* Festivals: Links to the film in the schedule of the official festival web site
* general (historic) interest: Links to the film in databases, to books about the film, journals covering the film etc.
All links must be direct links to the relevant information, not links to the home page of the site or some other irrelevant page. Unfortunately, we are unable to spend time searching sites for the information. Also keep in mind that some pages change daily and what you see today we might not see a day later. If the page does not have its own link we need exact instructions about how to get to the page from the submitted page. Evidence provided other than by a link (e.g., by a book reference) should be described in a miscellaneous comment, title subtype.

General public interest is NOT given if/just because a work

* has been screened once or twice somewhere (cinema or other venue).
* has been shown at a film market for distributors etc. to pick it up.
* has been digitized and put on some internet page for downloading (including websites that specialize in offering movies for download).
* is being offered to the public on the web via home made video tape or DVD-R copies.
* has been made during/for a film class, workshop or any other educational program.
* has been made for a local institution (such as a university, a firm etc.) for internal use.
* is of a strictly private nature (home movies).
* is an amateur production made for local consumption by friends, family members and neighbors, the local school campus etc. (including "local public access television").

but may still be given despite this due to one of the above reasons for general public interest applying.

IMDb retains the right to reject any work whose eligibility according to above rules is dubious or/and not verifiable. IMDb retains the right to change and adapt eligibility rules as circumstances require.

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