[SCRIPT_URL] => /04help/wabbase/index_vp.php
    [SCRIPT_URI] =>
    [no-gzip] => 1
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    [CLASSDIR] => /mnt/web-content/WABLive/classes
    [WAB_HOME] => /mnt/web-content/WABLive
    [IMDB_ROOT] => /imdb/instance/mayhem
    [PERL5LIB] => /mnt/web-content/WABLive/www/lib/perl
    [HTTPS] => on
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_C] => --
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_ST] => SomeState
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_L] => SomeCity
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_O] => SomeOrganization
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_OU] => SomeOrganizationalUnit
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_CN] => prod-web6
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email] => root@prod-web6
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_C] => --
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_ST] => SomeState
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_L] => SomeCity
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_O] => SomeOrganization
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_OU] => SomeOrganizationalUnit
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_CN] => prod-web6
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN_Email] => root@prod-web6
    [SSL_VERSION_INTERFACE] => mod_ssl/2.2.29
    [SSL_VERSION_LIBRARY] => OpenSSL/1.0.1k-fips
    [SSL_PROTOCOL] => TLSv1.2
    [SSL_SECURE_RENEG] => true
    [SSL_CIPHER_EXPORT] => false
    [SSL_SERVER_M_SERIAL] => 7108
    [SSL_SERVER_V_START] => Apr 29 22:19:45 2015 GMT
    [SSL_SERVER_V_END] => Apr 28 22:19:45 2016 GMT
    [SSL_SERVER_S_DN] => /C=--/ST=SomeState/L=SomeCity/O=SomeOrganization/OU=SomeOrganizationalUnit/CN=prod-web6/emailAddress=root@prod-web6
    [SSL_SERVER_I_DN] => /C=--/ST=SomeState/L=SomeCity/O=SomeOrganization/OU=SomeOrganizationalUnit/CN=prod-web6/emailAddress=root@prod-web6
    [SSL_SERVER_A_KEY] => rsaEncryption
    [SSL_SERVER_A_SIG] => sha256WithRSAEncryption
    [HTTP_HOST] =>
    [HTTP_ACCEPT] => text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
    [HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING] => x-gzip, gzip, deflate
    [HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE] => en-us,en-gb,en;q=0.7,*;q=0.3
    [HTTP_USER_AGENT] => CCBot/2.0 (
    [HTTP_CONNECTION] => keep-alive
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    [SERVER_SOFTWARE] => Apache/2.2.29 (Amazon) PHP/5.3.29 proxy_html/3.1.2 mod_ssl/2.2.29 OpenSSL/1.0.1k-fips mod_perl/2.0.7 Perl/v5.16.3
    [SERVER_NAME] =>
    [SERVER_ADDR] =>
    [SERVER_PORT] => 443
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    [SCRIPT_FILENAME] => /mnt/web-content/WABLive/geofest/04help/wabbase/index_vp.php
    [REMOTE_PORT] => 34066
    [QUERY_STRING] => id=204&c=52
    [REQUEST_URI] => /04help/wabbase/index_vp.php?id=204&c=52
    [SCRIPT_NAME] => /04help/wabbase/index_vp.php
    [PHP_SELF] => /04help/wabbase/index_vp.php
    [REQUEST_TIME] => 1432691009
    [argv] => Array
            [0] => id=204&c=52

    [argc] => 1

Secure Online Screener Upload trouble shooting

We recommend the following settings to optimize video quality on the IMDb site:

• File size: Less than 2GB
• Frame: 480 px by 360 px at 30 frames per second
• Format: Flash Video (Codec: Sorenson or VP6 codec) or Quicktime
• We do not currently support HD video. You will be able to upload an HD video, but the file will NOT be displayed in HD.

Also please keep in mind that you may experience delays in uploads during heavy traffic periods. Deadline days at the beginning or the end of the month usually see the most traffic.

***Please try a different browser **** Our filmmakers have reported success switching to either Firefox or Chrome. Safari users have success switching over to Firefox.

Your internet connection could be causing the issue. If you are using wireless, switch to a hard line if possible. If your computer has a sleep mode, please turn it off while attempting your upload.

One of our filmmakers that was also having trouble, was able to get his file uploaded when he did this: "What did finally work was bringing my QuickTime .mov into itunes and converting it to an MP4, then uploading."

You can also try again later -- there might be a temporary network issue affecting video streaming with your ISP or internet connection. The problem may simply resolve itself after a few hours.

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT submit your Secure Online Screener to a festival until you have watched the upload in its entirety. To view your Secure Online Screener, select the "view" link directly below your project title. Once in the project form, select the "Full Movies" link, and then click on your video.

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