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Entry Form

The ultimate online festival entry form that filmmakers fill out only once and 1000 festivals worldwide can customize to their needs. Goodbye to paperwork. Now it's a click to apply.

Research Hub

We're taking the "search" out of "research." Our smart site actually keeps your film in mind and shows you the festivals for which you're especially qualified.

Press Kit

No more expensive press kit and photo reproductions. We'll digitize your film and materials at top-quality. Festivals access all the publicity and high-res images right from our secure server.


Let us mail in your VHS screener tape. Better yet, coming soon, we'll improve the look of your film by getting it out to festivals at amazing digital quality. Forget what you've seen, super-streaming is on the way.


Streamline the Back Office

Some people make films and others make film festivals. Now there's software just for you, the FestivalMakers. An integrated, paperless office to tackle all your tasks.


Collect entry fees electronically. Traffic submissions to your "Juries & Judges" in virtual "crates & cartons." View forms, press kits, and even video right online-whether 500 entries or 5,000.

Correspond Instantly

Move messages internally, out to the press and other festival directors, and straight to your filmmakers. Notify of acceptances, screening times, and print requests. Confidential. Secure. Always.


Schedule "Theaters & Shows" in a snap with automated calculation of runtimes. Add an intermission or a delayed start. Withoutabox knows that no two festivals are alike. Our system is built on it.

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