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Withoutabox Update for 2019FAQs for Film Festivals

Why are you disabling the service?
Where do I find festivals to submit to after the service is disabled?
What features are impacted?
Can I export my existing project and submission data?
What happens to my videos uploaded to Withoutabox?
Can I download my press kit data?
Can I download my screenplays?
Can I get a refund for my discount packs?
When will I hear back from festivals about my film or screenplay?
Can I still upload video for my projects?
Will title pages created on IMDb be maintained?
Can I still add my project to IMDb?

Getting Started

How does all this work?
Create a project
Upload a Video
Find Festivals and Submit
Add to Your Watchlist
How much does it cost?
Do I need to provide any rights to my work?

Secure Online Screeners

What is a Secure Online Screener?
Does every festival accept Secure Online Screeners?
Can I use my YouTube video as a submission video?
How do I upload my video?
Do my videos play in HD?
What formats do you accept?
How long does it take to upload a video?
What is a private video?
How can I ensure my video is private?
How do I edit my video information?
How do I view my video?
How do I attach a screener to my festival submission?
How do I replace the screener attached to my submission?
How do I delete my video?
What should I do if my video won’t upload?
How long does it take for my video to process?
Why did I get a processing error?
Can the festival see my old videos?

Vimeo Screeners

Can I submit a Vimeo link as my submission copy?
Can I share a Vimeo link to my press kit videos (e.g. trailers, clips etc.) with festivals?
How do I add a Vimeo link to my project?
How do I share a Vimeo link with festivals?
Can I password protect my Vimeo link when I share it with festivals?
How does the festival view my Vimeo video?
I already uploaded my project video to Withoutabox / IMDb. How do I replace the video with a Vimeo link?
Can I update Vimeo details after attaching the link to a submission?
Can I remove the Vimeo link associated with my project?
How can I watch the Vimeo video associated with my project?
Can I upload a video to Withoutabox / IMDb and include a Vimeo link as well?
Are there any differences between uploading video to Withoutabox and providing Vimeo links?
Why do I need to confirm Vimeo privacy settings while saving the Vimeo link?

Manage Your Submissions

How do I track my submission?
How do I attach a screener after my submission is complete?
What is my Withoutabox tracking number?
How do I replace the screener attached to my submission?
How do I view my transactions?
I opted to send a DVD, where do I send it to?
What is Submission Protection?
How do I change the category for my submission?
How do I pay my entry fees online?
How do I know if my payment went through?
How do I withdraw my submission?
Can I change my submission copy format or cover letter after my submission is completed?
I received a Promo Code for a discount on submission fees. How do I apply the code to the submission?
I received a code after I submitted. How do I apply this code to my submission?
How do I find festivals that are offering Promo Codes?
How do I apply a deadline waiver to my submission?
How do I apply a full fee and deadline waiver to my submission?

Manage Your Project

How do I edit my project information?
How can I create a new project?
I created a film project. Can I change it to a script project?
What is a Press Kit?
How do I create Press Kit and add assets to it?
Why is my Press Kit inactive?
How do I upload a script to my project?
How do I upload a video to my project?
How do the Discount Packages work?
Can I change the project associated with my Discount Package?
Can I edit an activated Press Kit?

Manage Your Account

How can I change the email address associated with my Withoutabox account?
Can more than one email address be associated with my Withoutabox account?
How can I change/reset my password?
How do I link my Withoutabox and IMDb accounts?
Can I change the IMDb account linked with my Withoutabox account?
How do I change my email preferences?
How can I delete my account?
I cannot log in. What do I do?

IMDb Title Page

Is my project eligible for an IMDb Title Page?
How long does it take to receive an IMDb Title Page?
My IMDb Title Page is pending verification. What do I need to do?
How do I add a video to my IMDb Title Page?
How do I edit my IMDb Title Page?
Are updates to my project automatically transferred to my IMDb Title Page?

Protect Your Work

What steps can I take to protect my film from copyright infringement during production?
What is the best way to protect my screener from being leaked when submitting to a film festival?
Do I need encryption for my DCP (Digital Cinema Print)? What are the advantages of encrypting my DCP?
Does every festival accept secure online screeners?
What measures can I take against someone ripping my film with a camcorder?
When is the most critical exposure window for pre-release piracy?

Other Services

How can I use Prime Video Direct to distribute my film to Amazon customers?

For Film Festivals

Withoutabox Update for 2019
How does Withoutabox work for film festivals and screenplay competitions?
What services does Withoutabox offer for managing film submissions?
How does Withoutabox charge festivals and competitions?

Festival Judging App

Is the Withoutabox Festival Judging App free to use?
Do I need an Amazon Fire TV to use the app?
My festival doesn’t rate films on Withoutabox. Can I still use the app?
Can I watch both Vimeo videos and Secure Online Screener videos on the app?

Need More Help?

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