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How does Withoutabox work for film festivals and screenplay competitions?

Since 2001 Withoutabox has been connecting filmmakers and festivals by providing a secure submission platform for filmmakers to submit to thousands of festivals and screenwriting competitions worldwide.

Our community is comprised of over 600,000 filmmakers, writers, and artistic visionaries in more than 175 countries. Festivals are easily discovered by filmmakers allowing you to garner a wide range of quality submissions and curate an impressive program that is unique to your festival’s audience.

Register today to unearth the hidden gems and groundbreaking projects that are ready to make their way onto the festival circuit – they are all here on Withoutabox waiting to be discovered.

What services does Withoutabox offer for managing film submissions?

Withoutabox offers many features that make it easy for festivals to manage filmmaker submissions:

View Submissions in 1080p HD & Track Judging

Filmmakers have the option to submit their film as a Secure Online Screener up to 10GB in 1080p HD. Immediately after submitting their film as a Secure Online Screener, your festival will have access to view the film in 1080p HD directly on Withoutabox. Secure Online Screeners are only available to festivals that the filmmaker has submitted to and can only be viewed on Withoutabox.


Withoutabox’s judging tools allows you to assign film submissions to your festival judges so they can rate and add comments to them. Judges can conveniently view Secure Online Screeners and bonus or Press Kit videos uploaded by the filmmaker directly on their computer. Once judging is complete, festivals can view average ratings to help determine which films to accept.

Convenient Online Management

Withoutabox's online suite of management tools allow you to accept and track incoming submission materials, online fee payments, and administer waiver codes. Additionally, festivals can notify filmmakers of final decisions using Withoutabox’s tracking and judging tools.

All submission details can be exported as needed for use in your own applications and databases. You can customize your exports to include all or parts of submission and project data.

Secure Payment Processing

Withoutabox makes monthly payments via Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer to Festival customers for the submission fees paid online, eliminating the need for Festivals to process credit card payments. Payments can be processed in the following currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Online Support for Filmmakers: HelpDesk

Withoutabox serves as the go-to source for filmmaker questions allowing you to focus on your event. Should a filmmaker have a question about their submission they can contact us. If we think we need your expertise, we will loop you in then.

How do I get started?

Register your festival or competition for free today on the Festival Registration Page. After registration a Withoutabox Account Executives will follow up with next steps.

Free Festival Registration

How does Withoutabox charge festivals and competitions?

It is free for festivals and competitions to register and setup their listing on Withoutabox. Commission fees are applied only after submissions are received. Optional marketing packages to help promote your festival can also be placed on account and deducted from submission income received. Learn more about Withoutabox Festival Pricing

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