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Getting Started FAQs for Film Festivals

How does all this work?

Withoutabox enables filmmakers to discover festivals and learn about upcoming submission deadlines through the Withoutabox search tools and notifications.

You can create your project listing page with just a few simple steps, and you can then upload Secure Online Screeners up to 10GB in 1080p HD. If you are a screenwriter, you can upload your script documents directly to Withoutabox. Once your project page is complete, you can submit to multiple festivals and competitions.

When you submit a film to a qualifying festival, you will automatically be invited to create an IMDb Title Page.

Create a project

To get started, click Create Project in the left navigation. First, select whether you are creating a Script or a Film page. Next, enter the details about your project. If you don’t have all the information, you can save your progress and come back later to add or edit any information.

Once you’ve completed your project form, you may submit your project to as many festivals as you like.

Click here to start a new project.

Upload a Video

After you complete filling out the project details and click “Finish” on the last page of the Project Creation process, you will be taken to Video Type Selection page, where you can choose the Video Type (e.g. Submission Video) and proceed further to upload.

Alternatively, you can start the video upload process by clicking on your project at any time and selecting the upload links in the project details page.

Please refer to the Video Upload section for detailed instructions.

Find Festivals and Submit

Withoutabox verifies each festival before listing them to confirm the legitimacy of each event and ensure you are receiving value for your submission. To search for a specific festival, simply select the “Festival Search” link once you are logged in to your account. You can also use the filters located beneath the search bar to discover the festival that is the best fit for you.

To browse festivals, we’ve created some curated Discover lists:

Hot List – Includes festivals that may have been in recent spotlights, have larger discounts, or are trending in popularity.
Deal Time – Includes festivals that don’t charge any entry fees or charge low fees (e.g. fees <$30) in at least 1 category.
Call for Scripts – Includes festivals that have dedicated script categories and exclusive screenwriting competitions.
Award Boosters - These festivals are all qualifiers for the Academy Awards®
Deadline Today – Includes festivals that have various deadlines by midnight (US Pacific Time) in at least 1 category.
All Open Now – Includes all festivals that are currently accepting submissions.

Add to Your Watchlist

As you come across festivals that you are interested in tracking, you can add them to your Watchlist. By adding a film festival to your Watchlist, you will be able to easily access their listing at any time, and you can also set deadline reminders for specific categories to be notified when a deadline is approaching.

To add a festival to your Watchlist, select the “Add to Watchlist” icon on their detailed listing page. Once you select the “Add to Watchlist” icon, you can also set reminders to be notified before a particular deadline approaches.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to create your project and upload videos, and for festivals with no entry fees, it is 100% free for you to submit. Many festivals do set a submission fee, and you can pay this directly on Withoutabox when submitting to these festivals. Withoutabox does not add any fees to what the festival sets.

We do offer additional services such as Submission Protection and Discount Packages. These services have a fee and are completely optional. Please note, purchasing either service will not impact your chances of being accepted to screen at a festival.

Please refer to Pricing Information for more details.

Do I need to provide any rights to my work?

No, you will retain all rights to your work when you use Withoutabox. We know this is important for filmmakers.

For filmmakers who use our online screeners, you are electing to allow us to display your film to the festivals you submit to. Only festivals you directly submit to can view your film unless you choose to make your film public.

Not finding the answer to your question? Send us a message.