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Managing submissions

just got easier.

Get Started with Our Redesigned Submission Management System

Set up your season for success by creating tags, selecting coverage forms, and identifying users such as judges.

Customizable Tags

Customize tags to help quickly organize submissions.

Customizable Coverage Forms

Choose from four best practice templates or create your own and assign different coverage forms by role.

Flexible User Management

Modify and add users to your account such as judges who will only be able to view submissions assigned to them using a dedicated view.

Manage Submissions & Streamline Judging

Use easy search and filtering tools to manage submissions. Enhanced judging features ensure all submissions are reviewed by your notification date.

Manage Submissions

Search and filter submissions quickly and take action on specific submissions easily(e.g. assigning, tagging, sending message)

If you encounter a bad submission copy, there is a message template available that can quickly and easily be sent to the submitter. You can also create your own templates to meet your festival needs

Streamline Judging

Stay up to date on coverage from judges to ensure you're on track to meet your notification date. You can also export judge comments for easier review.

Export Coverage Data

Export a global view of all judging feedback to help make programming decisions.

Post Final Decision

Easily notify submitters of their final judging status through Withoutabox.