Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the advantages of opening my Call for Entries via Withoutabox?

    Withoutabox helps festivals streamline their Call for Entries process and boost their submission outreach globally. Festivals and competitions can request submissions from filmmakers around the world via Withoutabox and conveniently manage incoming submissions electronically - in the past a very manual and paper-based process. In addition, festivals can promote their event to over 350,000 active filmmakers and screenwriters already on the Withoutabox platform, accept entry forms and submission fees electronically (if applicable), and automatically notify filmmakers for acceptance into their event. All eligible submission partners also become IMDb-qualifying festivals, allowing their submitters a fast-tracked IMDb film title page.

  • How does the online submissions system work?

    Renowned as a discovery engine for filmmakers and film festivals, Withoutabox enables filmmakers to discover festivals and learn about upcoming deadlines through the Withoutabox Search Engine or daily Spotlight or Festival Update e-mails. Submitting to festivals through Withoutabox is entirely free to filmmakers, save for any entry fees the festival may require which can be submitted securely online. For festivals using Withoutabox's online suite of management tools, incoming submission materials and fees are tracked via the Withoutabox Festival dashboard, which in turn conveniently notifies filmmakers that their materials have been received. Withoutabox makes monthly payments via Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer to Festival customers for the submission fees paid online, eliminating the need for Festivals to process credit card payments. All submission meta-data can be exported as needed for use in festivals' own custom applications and databases.

  • Do submitters send me their film online, via streaming technology?

    It’s entirely up to you. When filmmakers submit to festivals using Withoutabox, they receive custom instructions from the festival regarding where to send a screener and in which format (e.g. DVD, BluRay, 16mm, 35mm). Additionally, you may opt to accept Secure Online Screeners, Withoutabox's high-quality digital online film submission platform that offers an eco-friendly alternative to receiving hard-copy screeners by mail. Secure Online Screeners by Withoutabox is an exciting, revolutionary product that offers a no-waste link between filmmaker and festival as a perfect complement to the paperless online submission form. Available at no extra cost to festivals, Online Screeners can be securely reviewed through Withoutabox and easily assigned to Judges for review without costly duplication and distribution of screener copies.

  • Are there fees to sign-up?

    Withoutabox offers Festivalsuites at different levels of cost. To learn more about the available options and the Festivalsuite and Marketing packages best suited for your Festival or Competition, start by registering your event for free. Establishing a new account is self-service. To proceed to accept online submissions, account activation is required and fees apply. New festivals that charge submission fees can expect to pay a $500 USD setup fee and a $795 minimum marketing purchase, plus per-submission fees. See the Schedule of Fees.

  • Is there a charge for accepting submissions electronically?

    Activating Withoutabox's online submission capability and unlocking the power of the Festivalsuite requires a modest setup fee, providing access to the online tools for managing incoming submissions electronically. Festivals that charge entry fees then pay a per-submission commission and agree to discount their entry fees by at least $5 for Withoutabox submissions. Commission fees are only collected when filmmakers complete their submission and payment on Withoutabox. All net festival submissions revenue is then paid out regularly. Festivals that do not charge entry fees pay a flat fee to access the online submission management tools.

  • I already advertise other places and other ways, some of them for free. Why should I use Withoutabox?

    Withoutabox promotes festival deadlines instantly and continuously to a surging membership like nobody else can. From industry veterans and rising stars that have won major international awards for their work, to first-time filmmakers and student filmmakers, more than 350,000 active filmmakers from around the world submit their films via Withoutabox. Withoutabox conveniently allows filmmakers to fill out a master entry form, view festivals' open Calls for Entry, and take action to apply right then and there. Other Print, Web, and E-mail list advertisements are static, often not well-targeted, and don't offer filmmakers the ability to take immediate action to submit their films like Withoutabox does. Withoutabox simplifies the process by empowering filmmakers to instantly discover festivals around the globe with open Calls for Entry, and many filmmakers rely on Withoutabox notifications to know what’s happening on the circuit. That's why Withoutabox customers report amazing results and return year after year, since 2001.

  • What is the connection between the IMDb and Withoutabox?

    Withoutabox is a division of IMDb, and opens many doors to its festival customers in escalating visibility worldwide via the most trafficked film, television, and entertainment site on the web. With 57 million unique visitors each month, IMDb can be the perfect place for festivals to bolster their presence in the film world, among fans, filmmakers, and industry. Many Withoutabox festivals are also IMDb-qualifying, granting all eligible submissions a fast-tracked IMDb title page.

  • How do I get started?