Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Withoutabox do for filmmakers?

    Withoutabox offers filmmakers unprecedented access to major channels for promoting and distributing their work, including: screening at international film festivals, streaming on the Internet via IMDb Theaters, and selling DVDs and Video On Demand downloads via CreateSpace.

  • Screening at International Film Festivals

  • Is Withoutabox FREE to use for submitting to Film Festivals?

  • Are there any fees at all?

    Filmmakers just pay the published entry fees of the festivals they're submitting to (unless the festival doesn't charge an entry fee). Entry fees are set by the festivals, not by Withoutabox. Discounts are available for filmmakers planning to submit their project to many festivals.

  • Which festivals use Withoutabox?

    Withoutabox maintains listings of more than 5,000 film festivals and competitions worldwide. More than 900 of these festivals use Withoutabox to receive and manage submissions electronically, making it fast and easy for you to submit your film or script to many festivals. Festivals range from the some of the biggest names in the industry and major regional festivals to respected diversity and niche festivals as well as vital, local events. Filmmakers can browse a list of festivals that are currently requesting submissions.

  • How does the submission process work?

    Filmmakers can discover film festivals and competitions through Withoutabox in a variety of ways, including Withoutabox’s festival browser and search engine, daily deadline updates and Spotlight e-mails, and our vibrant message board community. All festival listings are presented in a standard, easy-to-digest format, helping to further simplify the submissions process for you. Filmmakers simply click to submit, pay any festival entry fees online, and receive a confirmation page and tracking number which includes simple instructions on where to mail their screener copy. And before you even submit your film, Withoutabox’s Qualify Engine runs an automated check on each submission to ensure that your film is a proper fit with chosen the category of entry.) Then, keep track of your submission status as your film makes its way throughout the various stages of the festival judging process. And, since more and more festivals now accept DVD-free Secure Online Screeners, your submissions can be fully clickable, and environmentally friendly, with nothing to mail.

  • Promoting on IMDb – the Internet Movie Database

  • Is IMDb FREE to use to promote a film?


  • Can Withoutabox help films get a Title Page on IMDb?

    Yes. IMDb wants to help indie filmmakers publicize and promote their work as soon as they're ready for the world, not just after they’ve won recognition on the circuit. When a filmmaker submit an eligible film to a qualifying festival through Withoutabox, they'll automatically be invited to create a Title Page on IMDb for their film. Want to speed up the process? Once you register your filmmaker account, link your IMDb and Withoutabox accounts to have your title pages created automatically.

  • How can IMDb Video help filmmakers promote their films?

    The biggest, most award-winning movie website on the planet, IMDb makes films discoverable by more than 57MM unique visitors a month, including fans and industry professionals alike. IMDb Video is a popular streaming platform – free to watch, and entirely ad supported. With an IMDb Title Page, filmmakers are able to upload Trailers, Clips, and even their Full Movie right from their accounts at Withoutabox.  Making a Trailer and Clip available on IMDb is always a great way to garner interest in a film; making the full movie available in free channels can also be a great way to boost early recognition for a film, and in many cases can accelerate the sales of DVD and VOD. The exact timing and strategy of promotion is entirely up to the filmmaker, and video uploaded through Withoutabox can be removed from IMDb Video at any time.

  • What is the relationship between Withoutabox and IMDb?

    More than 57 million passionate movie lovers visit each month, making it the world's most popular movie site and one of the largest sites on the internet.  IMDb acquired Withoutabox in January 2008 to increase the worldwide opportunities available to the independent film community.

  • Selling on DVD and Video On Demand via CreateSpace

  • What is CreateSpace?

    CreateSpace provides inventory-free, physical distribution of books, CD and DVDs on Demand, as well as video downloads through Amazon Video On Demand.  The service offers free account signup and free title setup of every new title.  Filmmakers can start making money with their first sale, and on each subsequent sale. A transparent revenue split occurs each time a sale is made – so filmmakers pay only for performance.  There’s really no risk to see what it’s all about. Get started now?

  • Who controls film rights?

    Filmmakers maintain complete ownership of their distribution rights throughout the relationship.

  • How are films sold?

    CreateSpace makes it possible to sell DVDs through and downloads through Amazon Video on Demand, as well as other channels. Every filmmaker can also open a public or private Estore. Filmmakers decide which channels they want to sell in.  Professional DVDs are produced when customers order, so there is no need for inventory and filmmakers don’t have to hassle with order fulfillment and customer service.

  • How does payment to filmmakers work?

    Each CreateSpace channel offers its own, fully-transparent royalty and fee structure, based on retail prices set by the filmmaker. These fees and royalties are be well above the industry average for video "sell-thru." They are plainly explained in the process of setting up a title and selecting distribution channels.

  • What’s involved in opening a CreateSpace account?

    Filmmakers sign up for a free account at CreateSpace where they can select distribution options, track the sales of their films, and receive any payments they are owed.  They are asked to submit some basic title information, upload artwork for their DVD, and send in a copy of their film.

  • What is the relationship between Withoutabox and CreateSpace?

    Withoutabox has made CreateSpace a preferred independent distribution partner. Originally founded as CustomFlix Labs in 2002 and acquired by in 2005, CreateSpace shares Withoutabox's mission of connecting filmmakers profitably to their worldwide audience.