(Last Updated September 9, 2015)

Withoutabox Schedule of Fees – Festival Services

Festival Services Packages

Pricing Package Setup Fees Commission Rate Additional Benefits
Standard Pricing No Setup Fee Per submission, 8.5% of the entry fee paid by the submitter* Vanity URL
Limited Social Media Posts
No Entry Fee No Setup Fee Free for festivals that do not charge an entry fee Vanity URL
Limited Social Media Posts

*Fees are charged in the currency specified on your Withoutabox (WAB) account at the initial activation of the Festival Services account. (See the Payment Policy.) The WAB commission fees include credit card processing fees. If you charge an entry fee, the WAB commission rates are applied on the final submission fee paid by filmmakers. Filmmakers have the option to purchase upgraded packages which make them eligible to submit at the discounted WAB fee listed in your account. For example, if your Standard Fee is $40 and your WAB Fee is $35 with a commission rate of 8.5%, then on a Standard submission you will receive $40 – 8.5% = $36.60. If the filmmaker upgraded their project you will receive $35 – 8.5% = $32.02. Per-submission fees are subject to modification.

Marketing Packages

These packages are only available to Withoutabox Festival Services users; third-party advertisers may only have access to certain packages and may be subject to different pricing.

Description Pricing* Upgrades
Solo Spotlight Blast Package** Dedicated Spotlight email about your festival professionally written by WAB copywriters (and subject to WAB revision). Includes Multi-Blast Package.
View example
$1,850 USD + Add a two-week Banner Ad for $500
+ Add a Topline Mention paragraph for $750
Shared Spotlight Blast Package** Professionally written piece (by WAB copywriters, and subject to WAB revision) highlighting your festival in a group Spotlight e-mail. Includes Multi-Blast Package.
View example
$1,350 USD + Add a two-week Banner Ad for $750 more
+ Add a Topline Mention paragraph for $750 more
Multi-Blast Package (MBP) Bundle of up to four (4) Update Blasts; placement in Festival Update group mail before each deadline. View example $795 USD + Add a one-week Banner Ad for $750 more
Update Blast Placement in Festival Update group e-mail, announcing one deadline.
View example
$300 USD
Banner Ad Banner ads utilize our most impressive ad space on the filmmaker homepage, driving traffic directly to Withoutabox listings.
View example
$3,500 USD / month; Add a banner ad to a Spotlight or Multi Blast Package for reduced rates and shorter campaign options
Topline Mention Featured Paragraph A 75-100 word announcement drafted by you (and subject to revision by WAB copywriters) placed prominently in one of our weekly Festival Update emails.
View example
$1,500 USD; Add a Topline Mention to a Spotlight Package for reduced rates

*If you have selected a non-US currency for your account, Withoutabox will apply these fees to your account using company-issued exchange rates.
**The availability of the Spotlight packages are limited and can never be guaranteed; scheduling and cancelation are subject to Withoutabox discretion.

Note: When a selected marketing package is unavailable, we will substitute your selection with an alternative package or the next-highest level marketing package, provided that we give you prior written notice of such change. Any price difference will be credited to the account.


Description Fees* Terms
Submitter Refunds In the event Withoutabox processes a refund on your behalf, you will be charged by Withoutabox certain transactional fees and commissions (as described in the Refund Policy). 5.00 Transaction Fee + WAB Commission per entry for credit card transactions See Refund Policy.
Marketing Package Cancellation You will be charged the standard rate for any marketing package which has been delivered for you. Any portion of your marketing package not delivered prior to the cancellation will be refunded to you, subject to a 10% cancellation fee See Refund Policy.

* Fees are charged in the currency specified on your WAB account at the time of activating your use of the Festival Services.