(Last Updated July 6, 2012)

Payment Policy

Currency. Withoutabox transacts in five currencies – US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, and United Kingdom Pound. You may choose one of these currencies for your Festival Services account. The currency you specify on your WAB account at the initial activation of the Festival Services account will be the currency Submission fees are charged in, and the currency in which you receive payment from Withoutabox for the duration of your use of the Festival Services, unless Withoutabox notifies you otherwise. This currency must be consistent with the currency in which you advertise your Submission fees elsewhere. Some limits may apply; Withoutabox reserves the right to determine which currency you may use, based on your geographic location and other factors.

Payment. If WAB collects Submission fees on your behalf for a Competition, WAB will (a) directly collect Submission entry fees from Entrants solely for credit card-based transactions processed through the Festival Services, and (b) if you chose this payment option in your Festival Services account, we will instruct Entrants to send any offline payment methods, e.g., checks or money orders, directly to you via the mailing address specified by you to WAB via the Festival Services. Once a Competition’s collected entry fees are released to you, you are solely responsible for any costs associated with an Entrant’s dispute in regards to payments. WAB will use reasonable efforts to provide you any information necessary to help resolve such disputes with the Entrants.

If WAB collects Submission fees on your behalf for a Competition (as defined in the Festival Participation Agreement), WAB will pay you such fees net of any amount owed to WAB (as described in the Schedule of Fees) on or around the 15th day of each month. Funds will be paid for those entries that you have logged in via the online Tracking Tool as “blue In Consideration” through the last day of the preceding month provided that your account details are current and complete within your Withoutabox account at the time of payment processing, and your payment routing information is validated by our system. (Example: August 15 payment will include submissions marked as “blue In Consideration” by July 31.)

Only balances over the amount of 100 (in the applicable currency) will be paid regularly; balances under the amount of 100 (in the applicable currency) will roll over to successive month(s) until such balance is over the amount of 100, and final balances under the amount of 100 (in the applicable currency) may be deferred to a final payment, after your Competition transpires.

Bank Account Details. WAB requires Festivals to use the free Direct Deposit (ACH) service for all U.S. Payees to a U.S. bank account. Non-U.S. festivals are required to receive payment via bank transfer and are responsible for all associated bank transfer fees. It is your responsibility to enter your bank details into the Setup Payments page of your account accurately and completely and in time to receive payment, per the payment processing cutoff time listed above. If you are not sure how to proceed with entering your bank account details, or you require payment through a beneficiary bank, or your bank account details require custom setup, contact Festival Support for assistance. Please note that such cases may require additional processing time, and you may experience payment delays as a result.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to process your payments in accordance with our policies, but there may be payment processing delays that are out of our control. Funds are released for deposit from our account to yours no earlier than the 15th of each month. If your direct deposit or wire payment does not appear in your bank account five (5) business days after the 15th of the month, please alert Festival Support. Any attempts to reissue payment may be subject to processing delays while your payment status is investigated or the payment is traced.

Tracking Requirements. You understand that you will not receive payment from WAB for Submissions received through the Festival Services unless the Submissions have been received and marked as “blue “In Consideration”, as outlined in the Tracking Policy, via the online tracking tool during your Submission entry period, i.e. the time period from the day you open your call for Submissions to the day your Competition begins). You agree that any false reporting of received Submissions Materials will constitute a material breach of our Agreement.

After the completion of your Competition, the Submissions that you received via the Festival Services will be archived in the Festival Services’ systems and while you will continue to have access to data regarding the Submissions, you will no longer have the ability to track or receive Submission Materials through such systems for such completed Competition. Furthermore, you will not receive disbursement of entry fees for any incomplete and untracked submissions once your Submission entry period concludes.

Your “View Statements” Page. The "Date Processed" as reflected on the Statements page is the payment preparation date, and often occurs before the 15th, but funds are released for deposit no earlier than the 15th of each month.