Terms of Service

Refund Policy

(Last Revised July 6, 2012)

Refund Policy for Submitters in connection with the General Terms of Service:

Withoutabox is not liable or responsible in any manner for any agreements, commitments, or guarantees made between you and any Competitions to which you submit, (e.g. cost of travel, the cost of submission fees if your work is not accepted, the cost of screening materials, and any other expenses associated with your participation or attendance in a Competition or your affiliation with a Competition). You understand that you are submitting and participating at your own risk. Our general policy is not to issue refunds, except as outlined in the Submission Protection Policy, if you decide to purchase Submission Protection for your Submission(s). If you have a dispute with a Competition you have submitted to via the Submitter Services, we require that you directly contact the organizer of the Competition to resolve the issue.

If you believe that you have a legitimate justification for a refund in connection with the Submitter Services, you may submit your request in writing to Filmmaker Support.

Refund Policy for Festivals in connection with the Festival Participation Agreement:

Your Refund Obligations to Entrants. In the event of a dispute with an Entrant where WAB determines that you are at fault and/or if you have failed to fulfill your obligations for the Competition as contemplated in the Festival Participation Agreement, you will be solely liable for any refunds to Entrants. WAB will use reasonable efforts to provide you any information necessary to help resolve such disputes with the Entrants. If you fail to fulfill your obligations to Entrants as contemplated in the Festival Participation Agreement, you agree that you will (a) notify WAB before notifying Entrants of such failure, (b) you (or WAB as contemplated in this Refund Policy) will directly provide such refunds, i.e. the full entry fee amount paid by each Entrant, to the Entrants, and (c) forfeit any setup fees charged (as described in the Schedule of Fees). If WAB, in its sole discretion, chooses to help you facilitate/process the refunds to Entrants described in this policy, then WAB will have the right to deduct or charge any transactional fee and commission (as contemplated in WAB’s Payment Policy and Schedule of Fees) owed to WAB from such refund.

In WAB’s sole discretion or as jointly agreed upon by the parties, WAB may use the Submissions fees collected on your behalf via the Festival Services, and not yet released to you, to provide refunds to Entrants: (a) as contemplated by our Submission Protection Policy, or (b) if we are unable to reach you (via the contact information provided via your WAB account) within ten business days of our first contact attempt regarding your obligation to provide refunds to the Entrants, pursuant to this Refund Policy.

Withoutabox’s Refund Policy to the Festivals. Withoutabox can be an effective resource, but our services and performance are not guaranteed. Our general policy is not to offer any refunds on our Festival Services products (as defined in the Festival Participation Agreement).

If you purchase Withoutabox marketing products, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to cancel or change your selection unless it has already been delivered in full. Change fees may apply, and you will be charged a prorated fee for any marketing that has already been delivered minus any fees owed to Withoutabox. Check the Schedule of Fees. All setup fees, marketing costs, and required upfront fees are otherwise non-refundable.

If you believe that you have a legitimate justification for a refund, you may submit your request in writing to the Festival Support Department.