Terms of Service

Submission Protection Policy

(Last Revised July 6, 2012)

Our Submission Protection policy allows you to receive a 100% refund of your Submission Fee, if:

  • You decide to withdraw your Submission within 5 days of submitting your Work.
  • Your Submission (physical copy of the screener - e.g. DVD/Blu-Ray) is lost in the mail, is not tracked by the Competition within the WAB Service, or is not received by the Competition.
  • The Competition to which you submitted your Work does not take place or gets de-listed from Withoutabox during the applicable Submission Entry period.

Limitations and Exclusions.

The Submission Protection policy only covers the Submission Fee. In no event are we liable for any amount in excess of the Submission Fee paid.

We cannot guarantee any particular result for your Submission. Our policy does not ensure that your Submission will be selected by the Competition to which you submitted your Work, or that you will be notified by the Competition of the final judging status.

There are certain events including natural disasters, acts of war, nuclear explosions or other events on this scale that we cannot insure against. We are not an insurance company and we are not licensed as an insurance company. We have the right to limit or refuse a refund request if you cancel multiple Submissions without reasonable cause, if the claim is not submitted to WAB within 120 days of the original submit date, or if you otherwise violate the terms and conditions of this Submission Protection Policy.

Withoutabox reserves the right to modify or cancel this policy at any time. This policy is not transferrable and may not be resold. If you violate any terms and conditions of this policy, your coverage under this policy will be invalid. This policy is void where prohibited.