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Any category short film of 20 minutes or less will be accepted for review. Screening programs will have themed showings. Themes are determined from al... More
Any category short film of 20 minutes or less will be accepted for review. Screening programs will have themed showings. Themes are determined from all entries. There will be multiple awards and prizes. All films selected for presentation at the festival are projected in the venue's main theater or in additional exhibition spaces on site. COMPETITION Films are programmed for public screening in a selection of categories. Each film is presented in one or more of the following sections and is placed at the discretion of the Programming Committee. Short Film Competition Showcasing the best short films from around the world, this competition highlights the work of both established professionals and new artists in the short subject form. The winners of the Short Film Competition receive the World Arts Film Festival "Best of Fest" Award in the following categories: Animation Documentary Experimental Narrative New Media (includes VR) Music Video, Webisodes and Mobile Student Film Additional prizes and sponsors will be announced. Details are listed in the Prizes section for: -Student Awards with Best in any category, by any group: Elementary, Middle, High-School, College. -Special Jury - Hometown Award and Hometown Student Award to films from Host Cities in 2017 -Special Jury - Music For Film Award to the composer for a selection from an original soundtrack in any film entry. -New Media A mix of new technologies are used with cutting edge visual language and forms. This program views cinematic language through selected shorts that represent the work of established directors and arts innovators. This program features filmic experiences as diverse as the artists who make them. -Music Videos must be created with original music of an artist. -Webisodes may be submitted as a three-episode group, if needed to better understand the story, as long as the grouping meets the 20 minutes or under requirement. -Student Film Spotlighting student filmmakers as directors, writers, cinematographers and producers. Students are 21 years and under or part of a group with an average age of 21 or younger. Student status will be verified. All filmmakers with accepted entries are encouraged to attend the festival. A spokesperson for your film will be invited to participate at one or more screenings, workshops, panels and/or online by web broadcast. Filmmakers receive All-Access Passes to all festival activities and more, to be listed at later date. Updates and more detailed descriptions of awards, prize packages, screening programs, festival guests and special events will be posted online at the festival website Less

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